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Welcome to Audio Euphoria

You will find access to your program materials below.  Each month new materials will be unlocked (meaning, of course, not everything is available to you – yet).  If you need any assistance please let us know via the help desk.  Enjoy!

IMPORTANT:  Must Read Instructions

To access your membership resources use the menus below.  You will see a module name (example “Relaxation”), with Unit 1, Week 1.  To access materials hover over and click on “Week 1”, etc.


New materials will be released to you when you have completed the module’s lesson unit AND when the module/lesson unit has been released to you.  Each month a new module will be delivered to you; each module will contain 4 lessons that become available each week in the month.

For example when you have completed Unit 1/Week 1, Unit 2/Week 2 will become available to you at around day 8 in the program.

To complete a module section, scroll to the bottom of the page. Just below the Comments section you will see “Have you completed this unit? The mark this unit as completed.”  To do so simply click “Mark as Completed”.



Audio Euphoria Member Dashboard

Module 1 Relaxation
Unit 1 Relaxation:1
Unit 2 Relaxation:2
Unit 3 Relaxation:3
Unit 4 Relaxation:4

Module 2 Ideation
Unit 1 Ideation:1
Unit 2 Ideation:2
Unit 3 Ideation:3
Unit 4 Ideation:4

Module 3 Concentration
Unit 1 Concentration:1
Unit 2 Concentration:2
Unit 3 Concentration:3
Unit 4 Concentration:4

Module 4 Superability
Unit 1 Superability:1
Unit 2 Superability:2
Unit 3 Superability:3
Unit 4 Superability:4

Module 5 Harmony
Unit 1 Harmony:1
Unit 2 Harmony:2
Unit 3 Harmony:3
Unit 4 Harmony:4

Module 6 Dreamland
Unit 1 Dreamland:1
Unit 2 Dreamland:2
Unit 3 Dreamland:3
Unit 4 Dreamland:4

Module 7 Rapture
Unit 1 Nirvana:1

Module 8 Nirvana
Unit 1 Nirvana:2
Unit 2 Nirvana:3
Unit 3 Nirvana:4

Module 9 Exhilaration
There are no units in this module.

Module 10 Innovatory
There are no units in this module.

Module 11 Sublime
There are no units in this module.

Module 12 Awake
There are no units in this module.

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